Floor Strip & Seal

If the hard floors of your premises have seen better days, Domain Facility Services can provide assistance with our floor strip and seal services. Suitable for a number of hard flooring types, we can help to remove built-up dirt and grime while maintaining shine. If your floors are faded or have become worn out from heavy foot traffic, you can rest assured we can get them looking as good as new with our superior strip and seal process.

Why Strip & Seal Your Floors?

Hard floors can deteriorate over time, becoming worn, dull and faded – particularly in premises that see a lot of traffic, such as offices and retail stores. Fortunately, stripping and sealing can help to rejuvenate your flooring, bringing back its shine and prolonging its life. At Domain Facility Services, we can provide stripping and sealing that takes into account the specific condition of your flooring in order to protect and enhance it. We’ll assess which sealer should be used for each individual case to ensure a shiny and spotless finish that’s also non-slip for superior safety.

Thanks to our experienced staff and innovative machinery, there’s no better choice when you want to give your hard floors new life. To learn more about our floor strip and seal services, call our team on 1300 090 944.